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Navigating the dashboard

The Bidhive dashboard provides a centralised, aggregated display of information relating to a company’s registered opportunities. There are multiple widgets which display information regarding your bids.

Values and Ratios

This area shows the combined value of all won opportunities, the ratio of won opportunities to lost opportunities, the ratio of currency value won to currency value submitted, and how many registered opportunities a company has.

Bid Activity By Status
The bid activity chart displays how the different status levels of a bid in the form of a pie chart: registered, submitted, won, lost and withdrawn. Moving the cursor over each section of the pie chart displays how many opportunities are of that type as a percentage of all registered opportunities.

Below is a numerical breakdown of opportunities and their statuses.

Bid / No Bid

The Bid / No Bid chart shows as a percentage, how many bids have been decided as a “yes” bid against those decided as a “no” bid. Additionally, the average bid decision rating is also displayed.

Bid Activity

The bid activity chart shows a timeline of the previous year and how many opportunities have been registered each month in that time frame.


The customers graph displays all current customers which have been assigned to a registered opportunity, the number of opportunities they are assigned to as well as how many that number is as a percentage of all registered opportunities.

Resource Allocation

The resource allocation chart displays the percentage distribution, and number of tasks in all active opportunities assigned to users in a company.

Bid Activity By Type
The bid activity by type chart displays a pie chart of all registered opportunities divided by type.

All possible types are:

  • Request for Tender
  • Sales Proposal
  • Invitation to Offer
  • Request for Information
  • Proactive Proposal
  • Request for Quote
  • Prequalification Questionnaire
  • Invitation to Tender

Hovering the mouse over a section of the chart displays how many opportunities are of that type, as a percentage of all registered opportunities, for example:

Updated on June 28, 2021

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