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How to use the Editor & Information Drawer

The content library and develop proposal writing area share the same functionality for editing. 

If you want to watch the first video in this series click the button below.

We’ve used a lightweight WYSIWYG editor that looks and feels like Word, and is compatible so you can cut and paste content fairly well with the formatting mostly staying intact. 

In some cases it pastes even better than if you were copying from one Word document to another.  

Across the top it’s broken down into text, media, blocks and has extra functions and here you’ve also got the word count visible. 

But just say you want to create new content from scratch such as a table, you can do this either by creating your table in Word and copying it over, or you can create it within Bidhive. 

Once you learn the Bidhive editor it’s as easy as choosing the number of columns….then adding rows and columns from the ribbon, or by hovering across the table on the far right or left a + plus sign will appear – this will add a column; and then to add a row you use the tab bar.

You can then shade your column or format it by clicking on the table area in the ribbon again, or the widget area will appear if you click in the table.

The editor has lots of other features which don’t have to overwhelm the user and if you like working with shortcuts there’s a shortcuts menu for reference in the ribbon where the question mark lives.

You can open/close your writing areas to give you optimum space, and when you’re ready to leave the section the content editor will always ask you to save your content before you exit.

Updated on June 26, 2021

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