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How to setup and use the Storyboard feature

The Storyboard is a fantastic pre-writing efficiency tool that you can use for brainstorming, and breaks down the questions and scoring criteria, and helps writers understand the task and plan their writing before beginning a first draft. 

The headings and content blocks are customisable to support text, a list or a staged process, and it attaches to a bid and follows it all the way to the final review. 

The toggles on the left can be turned on and off, letting you create a master storyboard with any number of configurations to allow each bid to be flexible in the blocks it uses, while ensuring you are using a consistent approach and format in your company. 

This way you can select and de-select blocks you want to use for each bid without having to create multiple versions.

If you want to change your storyboard outline at any stage later on, you can come back here and update it without losing the original Storyboard format that saved to your previous bids.  

Once you have defined the structure of your storyboard you can prepare an outline of your sections by identifying issues, the approach or solution that resolves the issues, and list of the solutions’ features and key benefits, how you’ll manage risks and your relevant past performance to support your claims.

When setting up your storyboard keep in mind that in the plan proposal phase you will have already set up your sections, your team, the deadline and the wordcount information which will appear in your side drawer. 

If you don’t want to save room on your storyboard you can delete any repetitive information on a section by section basis.

Updated on June 29, 2021

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