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How to add your Company Business Lines

To get the most out of the platform the first task you need to do is set up your company business lines. 

Without these your dashboard is going to look pretty flat and you won’t be able to filter your data to analyse it. 

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how.

Let’s revisit the bottom left of your screen Profile & Settings button where you will see Admin Settings.

When you click on that you’ll arrive at the Admin only area that shows Groups, Business Lines and Preferences. 

Business lines represent your core divisions, sectors, and portfolio of products, services and offerings. 

Once created, they will appear in the opportunity register, the opportunity summary page and as filters on your dashboard.

There’s really no limitations on how you approach the hierarchy but I’d suggest that you set up the business lines with data sets that align to the way you report to your Executive Team or Board so that the Bidhive dashboard provides your business with meaningful metrics.

If you don’t know where to start you could sort them by service, industry or sector lines as well as office location and the way they are listed on your website site map might be a good place to find inspiration.

What we ultimately want your Bidhive dashboard to do is tell a story about the health of your business. 

What is the Win:Loss ratio telling you? 

Are you winning more business in one business line or sector and not another;  are you repeatedly losing to the same customer every time.  

Other things your dashboard can tell you is whether your bid team spread too thin; whether you should you be focusing more on the high value bids that you’re winning and pull back on the low value bids; or do you need to move resources around to balance out the workload during peaks and troughs?

These are all the decisions you’ll be able to make with more confidence once you have the Bidhive dashboard data in front of you.

As you can see here you can also be a bit creative and add sub-level services – or child lines – and people associated with your business line opportunities, like Sales Directors or Managers.  

Once you’ve set up your business line structure other users in your company can tag their bids to help dashboard and search filtering.

You can see here that opening the filter dropdown will provide you with a complete and searchable list of any business lines you’ve created from your admin settings page:

Updated on June 28, 2021

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