• How to customise Notification Settings

    Notification settings can be set and adjusted at both the individual user level and at the company level. User 1. Click on your avatar and select ‘profile’. 2. Select ‘notification settings’ towards the top of the page. 3. You will see the company-wide notifications with grey ticks and a padlock….

  • Open Contracts on Bidhive

    A quick introduction to using Bidhive to search for suitable opportunities to pursue, and how to set up a workspace within Bidhive in just a few clicks to manage to pursuit project.

  • How to setup and use the Storyboard feature

    The Storyboard is a tool that you can use for brainstorming, and breaks down the questions and scoring criteria, and helps writers understand the task and plan their writing before beginning a first draft.

  • How to link a bid or section to SharePoint/Dropbox/Google Drive

    There are two distinctly different ways to link a section or bid to an externally stored cloud file. You can either link a bid directly to a SharePoint site, which enables direct access and editing of any files stored in that SharePoint site OR you can link a section (or…

  • How to set up auto numbering

    If you’ve been tracking your bids on a spreadsheet or legacy database you might also want your bid numbering in Bidhive to pick up where your old system left off. Within preferences you can set your new internal numbering here.  Let’s say we pick up at number 100… now all…

  • How to add your Company Business Lines

    To get the most out of the platform the first task you need to do is set up your company business lines.  Without these your dashboard is going to look pretty flat and you won’t be able to filter your data to analyse it.  In this tutorial we’re going to…

  • Admin Settings Quick Tour

    In 3 minutes you’ll get a quick overview of the Bidhive admin settings – what they are and what they’ll do.